"I am an all day-night-long knitter and never leave the house without my needles and yarn!"

What's your favorite part of knitting?

The moment when I start a new ball of yarn :)

What kits have you worked on?

Ask me which kit I have NOT knitted! I have knitted so many... Tops, Sweaters, Cardigans, Hats, Scarves, Snoods...

How long does it take you to finish a project?

A week or two for a sweater, an hour for a headband ...However, sometimes it can take a year to finish a project since I don't like the time to sew all the pieces. For example, last week I finished my Cuzco Sweater that I had started a year and a half ago.

Alone or in good company?

I almost always knit alone, it is my moment of disconnection although I also like knitting with friends and a glass of wine.

What's your favorite WAK kit?/Which is the kit you have enjoyed the most?

What a difficult question! I love my Hackney Cardigan. The wool is a dream and it fits perfectly!

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