Oversized Infinity Scarf by Krysten Ritter

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Oversized Infinity Scarf by Krysten Ritter

Knitting Kit  -  Easy level What is my level?



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Knitting is for everyone, and thanks to Krysten Ritter, we are delighted to introduce our newest collaboration. The Oversized Infinity Scarf. Designed by Krysten Ritter. Just for you.

One of our most special collaborations so far, it is a unique item: scarf, snood and hood all in one.

Krysten is renowed actress who is also a knitter. Or rather, she is a knitter who is also an actress. A hobby that she loves. Where she can disconnect and create and knit with her own hands in her own time.

Knitting is a way to chill out but also tune inward and it's very meditative

Krysten Ritter


The kit contains:
* 3 skeins of 100% Wool (200 gr.)
* 2 x 15 mm / UK S/E/ US 19 knitting needles.
* The pattern.
* A small knitter's sewing needle.
* Embroidered Label.
* WAK Packaging.

Image color: Black. Choose your color!


33 cm = Width
188 cm = Length


Our wool is 100% Peruvian sheep wool, without a gram of acrylic fibers. Read more (enlace)

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